Parents and Players,

There are no games to play at this point. I am disappointed that we have lost this spring season, but I firmly believe the actions taken are the safest and best decision for all.

So, here’s where we are:

1) We are waiting for TSSA to let us know when we can hold tryouts for the 2020-2021 season. GSC will announce tryouts as soon as we can. All current players are expected to tryout each year to remain on the team.

2) GSC would like a headcount of current Rangers who plan to try out again this May/June for next year.

3) The Club would prefer to take current payments and apply them to the Fall 2020 Rangers season for any players who return.

4) If you aren’t certain you will try out for Rangers, we can refund your tournament and friendly fees paid (minus $5 from the one game we played against Clarksville in March).

5) GSC leadership has decided to use the current Rangers uniforms again in 2020-2021 and has updated the team kit with currently available shorts and socks to go with the current jerseys.

So, I need to know from each family if you intend to try out for Rangers again this summer and if you are okay rolling the money you have paid over to the fall.

Thanks for your patience everyone!

- Jamey

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