Summer Notes


Good afternoon 2007 Families:

A few notes for you today.

1) Anticipate practices every Monday and Thursday night at Rucker Stewart Middle School. For now the time will be 6:00-7:00pm and mostly focused on conditioning.

Practice time will be extended when TSSA allows a return to normal practice and game conditions, particularly acceptable personal contact.

2) I have added 6/29, 7/2, 7/6, and 7/9 practices to the TeamApp calendar for now.

3) We will migrate to using the “GSC Rangers 06” team as the primary group in TeamApp. Please search for that team and request to join. (I will screen grab that process and share it in the comments.)

4) I will try to connect with Sarah Thomas, Rangers treasurer, on Tuesday to get her the checks and cash payments. I want to get your checks processed ASAP.

5) I have given our list of uniform numbers to Coach Jordan, Coach Matt, and Clift Slaughter (2006 manager) so we can look for overlapping numbers and figure out what changes might be necessary.

Okay, I think that’s it.


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